The Justice Department has now issued a number of subpoenas to officials from three states who will be called to answer questions in its probe into the false elector scheme that the 2020 Trump campaign pursued.

According to a Washington Post report, the first three subpoenas were sent in November to county officials in the states of Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin. These subpoenas were signed by newly appointed special counsel Jack Smith and are further proof that the Justice Department is still pushing ahead in the two probes on former President Trump. Currently, the Justice Department is investigating both the Jan. 6, Capitol riot, as well as the case of the Mar-a-Lago White House documents being mishandled.

The subpoenas call for the county clerks from Dane County, Wis., Maricopa County, Ariz., and Wayne County, Mich., to provide insight into all communications with “Donald J. Trump, or any employee or agent of, or attorney for, the Trump Campaign.”

There are 19 key allies that are included in the list so far, some of these are Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and John Eastman, and campaign attorneys and advisers like Boris Epshteyn.

The subpoenas are specifically looking for any information regarding communication that took place throughout the January 2021 Inauguration date.

6 thoughts on “Trump Special Counsel Issues Subpoenas For Who?”
  1. It would be great if they would come up and prove the Democrats had this Jan 6 was their baby not Donald Trump’s. Pelosi had this all planned and put the blame on our True President. They tried to destroy him from day one because he was uncovering the Democrats corruption and they couldn’t have it

    1. You are so correct !! Why hasn’t anyone requested info from Pelosi emails? Cell phone? Why were their FBI in the crowd with ear pieces dressed like Maga? Why did the police open the gates and doors waving the people to come on in the White House?
      It was all a setup! Another crooked scheme set up against
      President Trump and his patriots!

      President Trump the Greatest President ever !! 2024

    2. Yeah, right. All the people being convicted for J6 who say they did it for Trump are actually Democrats in disguise.
      Not sure what drug you’re on but it must be some really good stuff.

  2. These liberal POS are still trying to find the illusive unicorn that will put President Trump behind bars. This has been their dream for over 6 years now and after numerous accusations have found nothing. Here’s my theory on this… There can be 3 possibilities for their lack of findings: 1) this committee is so stupid that they can’t figure out how to take the foil off a piece of gum; 2) there is nothing to find but they still keep beating the same old dead horse, and 3) (which has my vote) it is a combination of 1) and 2)!

  3. The DOJ & FBI, amongst other federal agencies, were weaponized under the Obama administration. Biden has continued to utilize federal law enforcement agencies to go after those against Biden’s Anti-American ideologies and anyone who is in the opposition Republican Party.

    President Trump obviously is a huge threat to the Democratic Nationalist Nazicrat Party, their complicit fake news media outlets, the DOJ and FBI, and of course all the corrupt Rhino politicians who want to continue to steal alongside their democratic colleagues!

    These two investigations by Biden and his weaponized Feds are all perpetrated by the democrats and the FBI, which shows that they will go to any extreme to destroy President Trump and keep him from winning the 2024 election. There is more than enough evidence to prove that the Democrats had stolen the 2020 presidential election and also many election(s) in the 2022 midterms!!!’

    The Republican Party better support President Trump for the first time, by taking off the gloves and fight as violent and dirty as the Anti-American Democratic Nationalist Nazicrat Party members have!!! Republican leaders need to grow a spine and go to war against the Democrats or we the people will remove you from our party and office!!! We’ve had enough of you backstabbing the conservative voters!!!!

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