On Friday, former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and his former deputy, Pat Philbin appeared before a grand jury on Friday, to provide their testimony. According to reports, the two exited the courthouse before 2:30. This was after they spent around six hours behind closed doors and approximately 4 hours with the grand jury.

The reason for their testimony is not yet clear, as there are a number of investigations that Trump is currently facing. It is suspected that Cipollone and Philbin may have insight to provide regarding Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election as well as regarding the events that led to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. The two were also present during the final few days of the former President’s time in office, during which time a number of documents were packed and sent to his Mar-a-Lago estate. Many of these documents included highly sensitive national security secrets and are part of their own probe.

Cipollone refused to answer any questions as he left without his lawyer Michael Purpura. Philbin similarly declined to answer any questions.

For Trump, this later testimony could be a further setback now that the federal appeals court has rejected his lawsuit against the Justice Department which aimed to block the investigation into the documents retrieved from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate.

Cipollone and Philbin are also not the first of Trump’s former advisors and allies to give testimony in some of his legal troubles.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s Legal Problems Go From Bad To Worse”
  1. Witch hunts,more witch hunts. leave the man alone,before your karma, comes back on u. What goes around, comes around. U have been persecuting Trump and his family for years, Get off his back. All u people with TDS,there is no cure, but one thing for sure,it will kill u or make u crazy. Trump will be vindicated, just like your russian collusion delusion, u fed us for years,we knew it was all bullshit,like all other lies u fed us day in and day out. Trump may be our next president.

  2. If your question applies to Biden, I totally agree. If not, in view of the massive, massive vote fraud committed in the 2020 election, what action do you propose to be done under the Constitution to correct this atrocity.when you have judge, after judge. after judge, including the Supreme Court, refusing to even hear the evidence of fraud?

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