Mega-Disruption of Tech Economy Could Create Wealth Unlike Anything Else

Below is an important message from one of our highly valued sponsors, Gilder Press. Please read it carefully as they have some special information to share with you.

In 1990 when George Gilder predicted the smartphone, almost everybody laughed in his face.


He called it a Teleputer.


People thought he was completely crazy.


Now, to their credit…it was 29 years ago, and hardly anybody had seen a cell phone, let alone owned one.


So it would have been hard for anyone to imagine that in 2 decades everybody would be walking around with supercomputers in their pockets, and on their wrists.


Now let me be clear, George was never annoyed that people didn’t listen to his predictions.


It was hard for people to wrap their minds around how powerful the microchip would become.


And how it would grow to dominate our lives.


To George though, the shift that was happening was clear, and for him, it was too obvious and consistent to ignore…


It’s been nearly 3 decades since he published that prediction in his landmark book Life After Television.


And in 2019, George broke his silence.


Just like he did 30 years ago, George sees a similar shift happening.


It’s bigger than AI, Self Driving Cars, or 5G.


Even bigger than the smartphone.


This mega-disruption of our tech economy will create wealth unlike anything else in human history.


Now, you may not have known about George’s prediction in 1990.

Or maybe you did, but chose not to listen.



Either way, this time around George refuses to go unheard.


People need to know about the massive shift that’s taking place!!

Because as with most opportunities, those with the most knowledge will always have the best shot to reap the biggest rewards…



And I refuse to let the 99% get blocked out of this opportunity by the 1%.


That’s why I’m excited to share this.


George and his team put together a special online presentation.


In this incredible presentation he breaks down all the details of this massive “paradigm shift” that is bearing down on our digital ecosystem.

So if you want to learn about this new technology, and find out what you can do right away to potentially profit…

You’ll want to see George’s special presentation.



I promise, you won’t want to miss this…

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