What should you eat if you’re hungry before bed?

An Australian nutritionist and health blogger has revealed the best snacks to eat at night if you’re feeling hungry before bed.

Jessica Sepel, founder of JS Health, posted on her website and listed a selection of healthy snacks to choose from that are filled with protein to keep you full.

‘Feeling snacky at night, and find yourself reaching for a whole block of chocolate? Or maybe you’re looking for a healthy option to curb those late night cravings,’ Ms Sepel said.

The snack suggestions included Greek yoghurt with fresh berries, dark chocolate, protein balls, almond butter-filled dates and ‘nice cream’.

Greek yoghurt with berries or cherries

First on Ms Sepel’s list of healthy late night snack food is Greek yoghurt for calcium and berries for antioxidants.

‘Greek yoghurt contains protein and calcium, so it will actually make you feel full and satisfied,’ she said.

‘It contains probiotic strains which are brilliant for gut health, plus the antioxidant hit from the berries make it a well-rounded, nutritious option.’

When in season, tart cherries are also a good snack option as they contain small amounts of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.

Dark chocolate

Rather than reaching for the milk or white chocolate, choose the dark chocolate option as it is a rich source of magnesium – which can help with sleep and relaxation.

‘The rich flavour of dark chocolate can do wonders for satisfying those sweet cravings,’ Ms Sepel said.

Dark chocolate is also known to contain less sugar and more antioxidants compared to other lighter chocolate.

Protein balls and smoothies

Whether you’re a gym guru or are looking to incorporate a bit more protein into your diet, late-night protein balls are a great snack to eat before bedtime if you’re feeling peckish.

‘The high protein content of protein bliss balls makes for a satiating, satisfying late night snack! Add some nut butter to your bliss balls for a hit of quality fats, and to make them even more filling,’ Ms Sepel said.

Alternatively protein smoothies made with peanut butter, berries, almond milk and yoghurt are also a great evening snack to have after dinner.

According to Healthline, milk-based smoothies supplies protein for muscle repair and tryptophan, which is used to make sleep-promoting brain chemicals.